Top places to live in Virgin Islands

Where are the best places to retire in the US Virgin Islands?

The best place to live in the US Virgin Islands is St. Thomas and St. Croix

St. John

Saint John's nickname is Love City. It is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. St. John has no airports so a ferry must be taken from St. Thomas to arrive at St. John. Homes for sale in St. John

St. Thomas

St.Thomas is a filled with beauty and adventure. The island has a number of natural bays and harbors including Magens Bay, Great Bay, Jersey Bay, Long Bay, Fortuna Bay, and Hendrik Bay. The frequently visited port in the Caribbean, it offers elegant dining, exciting nightlife, and duty-free shopping. Property for sale in St. Thomas

St. Croix

In St. Croix you’ll discover an island heavy in culture, with historic landmarks, places of worship and festivals that run all year long. St. Croix has some of the most renowned diving sites in the world. Homes for sale in St.Croix

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