We make it easy to buy shares in a portfolio of fully vetted, multifamily real estate. With the click of a button, you could own a piece of our fund across multiple properties.

Combining innovative technology and extensive expertise in finance and investment management, our self-serve investment platform offers 24/7 access to our unique offerings, including private market investment funds and educational services. Starting with a minimum investment of only $500, you can diversify your portfolio with one of the most attractive — and historically profitable — forms of alternative asset investment: multifamily commercial real estate. Go for it 

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Make your money work for you. You can watch your wealth grow from wherever life takes you. Invest in multifamily real estate today!

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5 Ways to Turn Your Investments on Autopilot.

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Grow Wealthy

Asset allocation. What the wealth do differently.

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Set Goals

How to Define Your Own Wealth Plan with Goal-Based Investing

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