Bradshaw Home IncInfuse delivers a deep clean without toxic ingredients or unnecessary waste. This concentrated cleaning system includes sleek refillable spray mops, reusable spray bottles, non-toxic cleaning concentrates, and machine washable microfiber cloths.

Infuse’s Spray Mop eliminates the need to repeatedly buy cleaning liquids in bulky, plastic containers and costly, disposable mop pads that end up in landfills. Microfiber mop pads are washable (at least 100x) and the spray mop does not require batteries. Similarly, Infuse’s reusable spray bottle was designed to deliver over 40,000 sprays replacing the need for single-use bottles. Simply refill, reload, and reuse.

Tough on messes but gentle on our planet. Infuse offers a cleaner way to clean every surface in your home. Shop Our Eco Friendly Cleaning Accessories and Refills | More Clean | Less Waste

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