Best places to live in Barbados

Where are the best places to live in Barbados?

1. ST. Thomas

The parish of Saint Thomas is found in the center of Barbados. It is one of only two landlocked parishes in the island.  Homes in St.Thomas

2. Port St. Charles

The Port St. Charles marina is a luxury marina development situated on the western coast of Barbados. Found within the parish of Saint Peter, the marina is in Heywoods and is in close proximity to Speightstown.  Homes in Port St. Charles

3. Maynards

Maynards is a tranquil area near to some of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados . Homes in Maynard

4. St. Peter

The Parish of Saint Peter is one of eleven parishes in the Caribbean island country of Barbados. It is named after the Christian Apostle and patron saint, Saint Peter. Homes in St.Peter

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