Beat the Market

Increase your net worth without the volatility in the stock market with RealtyUp. We make real estate investments possible for everyone.

Build your million-dollar real estate holdings now!. We provide a way for you to invest in million-dollar deals without writing million-dollar checks and avoid broker fees. 

How will you benefit with Realtyup?


We acquire and manage all assets in the fund so you can invest passively.


 We have created a fully-automated service where anyone can invest 100% online into alternative private assets like real estate


We help you learn the secrets of wealth building at your own pace.


Properties are acquired that meet the strict criteria of our real estate experts and that offer strong potential for increased value at the time of resale.


Properties are acquired and then renovated to allow for increased rents and property value appreciation.


Properties are sold and any profits are distributed to investors.


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Customer service rep

How to Define Your Own Wealth Plan with Goal-Based Investing

What is goal-based investing?

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3rd year college student

Don't take it from us. Listen to the customer

“Awesome platform for those who are looking to invest, but don’t have a lot of start-up capital.”

Keisha Meadows

“Great idea, very responsive and results are visible soon enough”

Angie White

“Really good long-term investment for people who want to diversify their portfolio.”

Ted Roberts

Here’s how the fund works:

  • Our experienced real estate team pinpoints properties with the highest potential.
  • We purchase, renovate and manage apartment buildings across the country.
  • Cash flow from rents is reinvested throughout the fund’s term to continue adding new properties and funding renovations.
  • When the market is right, we sell the assets and redistribute profits among investors.
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